Equipped4Learning is a charity set up in June 2019 by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist. The aim of the charity is to provide specialist equipment to children and young adults throughout West Yorkshire who fall under the Neurodiverse umbrella (but do not necessarily need a diagnosis) to enable them to access their education. Conditions that fall under the Neurodiverse umbrella include, but is not exclusive to; DCD/Dyspraxia; ASD; ADHD; ADD; Dyslexia: Dysgraphia; Dyscalculia.

The specialist equipment will need to have been recommended by an AHP or a specialist SPLD teacher, please see the eligibility criteria below.

Eligibility Criteria

The individual must live in the Geographical boundary of West Yorkshire and be in full time education in an establishment in West Yorkshire. This could be school, college, sixth form and home-schooled children will also be considered.

Equipment requests will be considered from 4 up to the age of 19.

Applications by individuals at University or in an apprenticeship will be considered on individual merit and may be granted if funds allow.

Individuals must have been assessed by an Allied Health Professional (AHP) or Specialist SPLD teacher and been found to have a diagnosis or traits associated to a Neurodiverse condition. This report must be provided as evidence with your application form. Without this evidence your application will be unsuccessful.

Please include extra evidence with your application submission, from a professional (see above), that clearly states what equipment they recommend and why, to enable them to access the curriculum.

The specialist equipment requested must not be something school would be expected to provide.

Please note we do not provide laptops/iPad solely for use at home to carry out homework on and we will only allow the request, for ONE electronic device per application. Please also note we will not purchase phones.

The equipment requested needs to be either for use in school, or home use, if the child or young adult is home schooled.

Please prioritise up to 3 items only per applicant but please note it isn't guaranteed that you will receive all 3 items depending on funds.

You will receive an email, as to whether your application has been successful or not within a fortnight, upon receipt although your application will be acknowledged prior to this deadline.

If you feel your child/young adult meets the criteria then please follow the link to obtain an application form and either return it via email to info@equipped4learning.org.uk or post it to Equipped4Learning, 20 Oliver Meadows, Elland, West Yorks, HX5 9HA.

Application Form


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